Lennox Cafe has some wonderful people and companies backing us up with their sponsoring, as they have seen the value in what our magazine has to say. To show our appreciation, we would like to tell you a little bit about them and the contributions they have made to help us keep getting better.

David O’Callaghan – Chef and Food Critic

Featured image Our Sponsors David O’Callaghan – Chef and Food Critic - Our Sponsors

This international chef is known for his catering and menu options for big company meetings and events in general. He is constantly keeping us updated with the latest trends in the world of eateries within Ireland.

David O’Callaghan’s feedback and event invites have inspired quite a few outstanding articles that have gotten us top reviews from our readers.

Andrea Murphy – Influencer

Featured image Our Sponsors Andrea Murphy – Influencer - Our Sponsors

Andrea Murphy is a close friend of ours at Lennox Cafe and she is an online influencer with an incredible amount of followers. Given that her main focus is on healthy food-serving eateries, she took us along for brunches and dinners at the top emerging venues in the country. Since we’re able to experience it first hand, our reviews are accurate.

Cathy O’Hara – Online Casino Operator

Featured image Our Sponsors Cathy O’Hara – Online Casino Operator - Our Sponsors

Although her career is within the world of online casinos, Cathy O’Hara is known for hosting the best business and company meals. Since she is a bit of an expert in the matter, taking us with her to enjoy meals at the eateries she favours for her business meals is a valuable contribution. Not only do we get to experience the places, but also good advice for events.

If you want to join these great people and sponsor Lennox Cafe, you need only send an email to our address posted on our Keep in Touch page expressing your desires. We are always grateful to get more input and the necessary resources to keep our magazine going strong.