Our magazine, the Lennox Cafe, is dedicated to sharing our experiences in affordable quality dining with our readers to enrich your own dining experiences. When your needs are business meeting luncheons to comfortably fuel up and gain agreement we know the right places for you.

Founder Grace Rees

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Grace Rees founded Lennox Cafe over ten years ago. As a Real Estate agent, she was no stranger to business lunches and brunches. Knowing the best eateries was important to her success since everyone is more agreeable after a good dining experience.

Realizing everyone liked to have a good time during business meals, Grace began this site to share her knowledge with others. The feedback has been exceptional and gratifying to her, with comments and reviews thanking her for everything from a simple heads up to spotting that rare gem before others.

Our Focus is Choices

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Go out in an area you haven’t been and it is going to be an all-day affair. You have to stop to eat somewhere and that is where we make your life easier and better. We give you the right choices for your days’ events.

Perhaps you need something light while on the go or maybe you want a sit down for an hour or two with a client. We find the best food atmosphere.

Ambience cannot be understated as it is the difference between a successful meeting and an unsuccessful one, or one where the lines were too long, the wait staff overworked. We spot what works for you and your situation with this kind of outlook about your eatery experience.

What We Offer

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Lennox Cafe has been around for ten years and we expect to be around a lot longer. We love sharing our favourite places with you, our readers. Making the most of your time includes putting your dining experience to work for you. This is what you get when you read what we offer, and we update frequently so you are never out of the loop.